Presentation to the North Shore Unitarian Universalist Society

    As the one elected officer of the Association making no formal response this afternoon to the presentation by the NSUUS, and as a lover of good wine and grand occasions, I should like to raise a toast:

     In the shared sacrament of this common meal,
     In the drink of celebration consecrated by centuries of use in our social and religious histories,
     I give you a toast which does not attempt a quantified response to what has happened today.
     Which does not deal in amazement at the magnitude of your gift or its potential for strengthening our ministry.
     I give you a toast to grace - -
     To the grace which accepts good fortune with humility,
     To the grace which recognizes our individual human obligations to all of humanity.
     To the grace which responsibly seeks effective ways to provide encouragement, aid and succor to and through institutions that people have established for themselves.
     To the grace which works not in a spirit of dominance, but of cooperation and support.
     In short - to that grace animated by good taste and good sense - through good people.
     And therefore, in addition to grace, I give you ----and the other good people in the NSUUS.

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